District Musicians is a duo of experienced, professional musicians working to increase wellbeing in healthcare settings by delivering high-quality live musical interactions to patients at the bedside.


We have both completed a Music in Healthcare Apprenticeship, run by Opus Music, a leading authority on live music interventions in healthcare settings.

During sessions, we play a variety of portable instruments, moving around a setting offering highly personalised musical encounters to patients, visitors and staff. We typically invite participation and carry a selection of percussion instruments for those who wish to join in. 

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have chosen to withdraw this aspect of our work to ensure that we are practising safely. We also use PPE and Social Distancing measures as part of our safe working protocols.

Our practice draws from a varied repertoire of popular songs, tailored through sensitive presentation and improvisation to suit the mood and requirements of the recipient.


There is a growing understanding of the impact of participation in the arts on health and wellbeing. District Musicians is proud to be part of a growing number of services providing Music in Healthcare interventions around the UK.

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