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Why Choose Music in Healthcare?


What the research says:


“Arts-based approaches can help people to stay well, recover faster, manage long-term conditions and experience a better quality of life.”

- Lord Howarth, All Party Parliamentary Report on The Arts for Health and Wellbeing, 2017


What people say about our work:


“Thank you for such an uplifting interlude in a long hospital day. It was wonderful seeing the boys get so much joy from the music."- Patient Testimonial from our Opus Music in Healthcare Apprenticeship 2018


"Very soothing, thank you."- Patient Testimonial from our Opus Music in Healthcare Apprenticeship 2018


"It was wonderful to arrive for my daughter's appointment and hear such wonderful, calming music. Immediately she was at ease. We loved it! "- Carer Testimonial from our Opus Music in Healthcare Apprenticeship 2018


"The resident next to me beamed out an amazing smile of appreciation. This is a resident who very rarely accepts the offer of getting involved in an activity, but she was certainly getting a lot from the music."

 - Staff testimonial from Nenagh Watson, Activities Co-ordinator at Thorpe House, Loughborough



About Our Musicians

















Sophie Fishwick

As a drummer and percussionist, I have enjoyed a worldwide career performing, teaching and sharing music. Through this, I have developed and formalised a practice of connecting to promote healing and wellbeing through shared musical experiences. Playing music in healthcare settings is a "licence to make magic."

Currently touring as a member of Kayu Gangsa, a Malay gamelan orchestra.

Drums with Silk Roots (Balkan folk band), Deli (jazz quartet), Sticky Morales (funk cover band). 

Nick Davis

I am a guitarist best known for solo acoustic instrumental work, which has taken me to gigs and festivals worldwide. I play electric guitar in the band Goddesses and love working as a session musician.

I also teach music, primarily guitar although I am currently helping over 300 primary school children to learn the ukulele. I have a background in Community Music, workshopping guitar and percussion with a range of young people.

I spent 10 years in the NHS as a clinical Substance Misuse Worker, which has informed my interest in bringing the benefits of music-making into healthcare settings.

Elle Williams

I am a classically trained musician with a background in performance.  My priniciple instrument is the guitar and I have enjoyed a varied performing and session work career spanning twenty years. I am a specialist instrumental tutor for students with special educational needs and have a research interest in musical improvisation as a learning model for non verbal students. I am drawn to Music in Healthcare work by my ability to connect with people on an empathic level.

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