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Why Choose Music In Healthcare?



“The evidence we present shows how arts-based approaches can help people to stay well,

recover faster, manage long-term conditions and experience a better quality of life.”

- Lord Howarth, All Party Parliamentary Report on The Arts for Health and Wellbeing, 2017




Research demonstrates the many benefits of bringing music into healthcare settings. The comfort of music and creativity can help people to deal with some of the tough times and challenges that they may be facing as a patient.


A key element of working as a Musician in Healthcare is working with the 'well part of the person'. We call this 'Turning Patients Back Into People'. We can distract them from routines, procedures and drudgery, and put them back in touch with who they really are. 


At difficult times in life, music can provide comfort not only for patients but for those who care for them, including healthcare staff. Some of our biggest fans are the people who work alongside us in hospitals. In the same way, we often have great encounters with families and visitors.


People can either take comfort in listening to our playing, or take part by singing or playing themselves.


If you are wondering about bringing District Musicians into your healthcare setting, please get in touch, we'd love to talk to you!

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