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Take a look at some of the feedback from staff members at our initial project in Cubley Court, a secure assessment unit for acute organic illness in Derby

‘District musicians make a wonderful difference to our patients and we are fortunate to have them coming weekly.’


‘They seem to give the patients a very positive experience. Many of them seem to relax and really enjoy listening, singing and playing a percussion instrument.’


‘Extremely positive: certain patients who have lost language skills for example, have been seen to interact strongly and expressively with the music. Calming influences have also been noted.’

‘It has a very positive effect on people’s moods and energy levels. The gradual increase in alertness can be observed throughout the session and it brings a communal feel to the group.’


‘I find this one of the most valuable sessions of the week for patients as so many people engage who may not in other sessions. A part of this is the flexibility of the musicians and their ability to adapt to the mood of the ward and individual patients.’

‘Staff find the experience enjoyable and rewarding to see the impact on patients.’


‘Staff are pleased with the impact the musicians have on the patients.’


‘Staff feel very positive about music and it also lift staff moods.’


Below are some of the quotes we recorded from our patients at Cubley Court.

That was very nice and actually quite powerful.’ 


‘You’ve played so well.’   ‘This is the best part of the day.’ 


‘Thank you for that, I always enjoy it when you come’


‘That made me feel better’ brings me back to reality.’


‘You've made my day’


‘I've been looking forward to this all morning.’


'I didn't know I can play the guitar!'


‘Always wonderful!’  


‘Always good to see you.'   

'I didn't know I was going to heaven today.'

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